Beryl AX - Express VPN

First ……. I am not a computer techy so please, if you reply talk to me like I am a four year old :smile:

I set up my Beryl AX 3000. No issues. I selected Express VPN, downloaded America NY data files, opened them and successfully transferred them into the system. When I select VPN/VPN Dashboard, referencing the OpenVPN row with “Enable” off, everything works fine. With it “Enabled” on, an amber message “The client is starting, please wait…” appears and remains on indefinitely and the WiFi is disabled.

  1. Is there a fix?

  2. Will Nord VPN be a better option and work seamlessly?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Check the log for error messages.

Also, do you really mean the wifi is disabled? How are you looking at the Beryl interface?

I finally gave up on Express VPN and purchased a Nord subscription. Everything worked fine from there and far more choices than Express. No problems. Thanks for your info!