Beryl ax extender mode static ip

I have 2 beryl ax's. Im trying to setup the second device as an extender and would like to set a static ip on the same network as the 1st device. 1st device is broadcasting SSID with its ip at DHCP scope is set to with a 24 bit subnet. Is this possible?

Here's what I've tried after setting up the extender

  • Set laptop static on network after joining SSID and tried going to - no dice, no pings nothing on a port scan
  • Set static Ip on interfaces(using advanced setup) to join parent network outside of DHCP range before setting up extender to join the SSID. Tried connecting to new static but no dice. If I join the device 2's default SSID I can connect fine to it's static IP.

I want to keep this device updated and don't want to have to reset it everytime I want to flash it. What are my options?

Not sure what happened but after backing up the config and rebooting (a second time). If I connect to the default SSID of GL-MT300-xx it and change my ip to 192.168.8.x it allows me to connect to the device.

Yes, this is how it can be accessed in extender mode.

FWIW. I was able to add another IP to the bridge interface to match the IP space of the parent Beryl (192.168.0.x/24). I changed the SSID to match the parent SSID. Both devices are accessible from that network. I know technically it's not a mesh setup, but I've not had any issues with handoff between the Beryl's.