Beryl AX (GL-MT3000) always above 1.0 average CPU load?

Hi all,

Just wanted to check as this seems abnormal to me.

My Beryl AX seems to always sit above 1.0 average CPU utilisation, even when it should be effectively idle.

I am on the 4.1.3 Firmware and this behaviour persists after doing a Firmware reset and having nothing but my phone connected to it over Wifi to view the Admin Portal. No VPN enabled or any additional Apps/plugins.

Is there something I am missing or otherwise that I should check? My understanding of ‘1’ in the Average CPU utilisation graph in Overview page of System settings means that the power of 1 full core (or equivalent spread across 2 cores) is being utilised, which seems extreme to me if the router has no significant workload.

We upgraded the fimware and lowered cpu usage. Wait for next snapshots.