Beryl AX / GL-MT3000 and Goodcloud web port

I changed the nginx http listen port from 80 to 88 in
thus getting access from lan to the configuration pages at:

but Goodcloud web access to the router not working even if I specify port 88 when requested

It sounds like Bug.
@clannad Can you check it?

It may be a bug of firmware. Can you confirm that all the feature of cloud of device not working when you changed port 80 to 88? And you can changed back to 80 and check it work again.

Router is online but not showhing info in the dashboard (overview, router status, memory usage, up time clients etc… empty). Cloud web access and terminal return " 404 Not Found nginx/ 1.16.1"
Reverted to port 80 and works again. (FW 4.1.3)

The bug will be fixed it in firmware 4.3.x

Hi, I have to report another problem with OpenVPN server:
when configured with UDP protocol it doesn’t work (client failed to connect).
It works using TCP.
verified both in GL-AXT1800 and GL-MT3000

We will check and give you feedback.