Beryl AX GL-MT3000 connectivity losses with 4.2.2

Wondering if anyone else has experienced the same:

Router in AP mode (2.4G only), hardware acceleration turned off but everything else stock.

I noticed after a period of time some clients could no longer be pinged - restarting the router would restore connectivity.

After a week of having to periodically restart the router I went back to 4.2.1 with the same configuration and it has been rock solid ever since.

Perhaps it is due to the upgrade of the WIFI driver. If there is more feedback of this kind, we will consider rolling back the WIFI driver.

I have had issues with 2.4ghz clients after a period of time. I made another post about it.

Glad 4.2.1 seems to work okay, I will look to downgrade also.

We will update 4.2.3 and fix these issues as soon as possible.


Hi @radishman is that what “Roll back MTK SDK from v7.6.7.0 to v7.6.6.1” means in the 4.2.3 release note? If so I will switch to that build and report back.

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