Beryl AX (GL-MT3000) in front of pfSense?

I want to connect my Beryl AX to an Hotel WiFi but want to use pfSense as Router and another AP for WiFi.

So the only task the Beryl should have is connecting to the Hotel Wifi (captive portal) and hand over the IP to pfSense.

Is that possible?

bridge it or double NAT

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I am not convinced that you can use the Beryl as a transparent bridge here - or maybe you can, but then you can’t manage it easily because you can only reach it by direct connection. All in all, I don’t see why you should do so, since there is already double NAT. (Because of the pfSense and the Hotel Wifi)

That would be my setup, I guess. Triple NAT then - but since it’s a hotel, I would say it’s “OK”

Transparent bridge means passing the 178.21 through to pfSense?

Is it possible to setup the Beryl WiFi so it is just for connecting to the Hotel Wifi without
making his own WiFi network?

What type of Internet access should i use?
I already was playing around but can’t get it to work with pfSense.

What did you use to make the diagram?

I use a Opal as a Wi-Fi Repeater, which does the job. It works like a wireless switch - but there is no “IP” you can pass around. The pfSense would have to accept DHCP then and will get an address from the Hotel Wi-Fi.

You can disable the SSIDs in luci, yes. Afaik, you can’t disable them in the GUI because there you disable the Wi-Fi itself, not the SSID only.

Depends. If you go with repeater mode, there is no option to choose any.
Guess you need to play around a bit.

Sure, pfSense does accept DHCP because at home it gets the public IP from the ISP/Modem