Beryl Ax MAC issues in 4.6.2

I am using Beryl AX as repeater and all was fine in 4.5.16. After upgrade to 4.6.2 (firmware reset done) there are 2 issues on MAC address changing:

  • In the Glinet Android App (Cache and data deleted, clean install with newest version from playstore done) in Network - MAC address - manual - there is no chance to delete old address and type in new address
  • In the Webinterface it is possable to type in new MAC address manually and apply that, message from interface is successful, but nothing changes, Beryl AX keeps old address despite app and webinterface showing new manual address.

Changing MAC address manually is key feature for me, therefore 4.6.2 is useless.

Do you mean the BSSID changing of wifi?

No, I am talking about the manual change of MAC address in menu "System - Network - MAC address - "where you have the possibility of Default or Clone or Manual.

Repeater mac address change is not in there any more.

Go to repeater and click Modify and you can random (manual) mac address by SSID

Ok, understood, thanks, but I cannot type in needed special MAC adress there.
Why did you remove such a key feature of possibility to type in any MAC address which is needed for special configuration? Can I request to implement again the possibility of typing any MAC address which I want? I will go back to 4.5.16 where this key feature (at least for me) worked fine.

Setting the MAC to a specific address can be done, but it's not obvious. In the Modify Network Setting dialog you show above select 'Clone', then select the drop down list below. You can either select from one of the MAC addresses in the drop down (clients that have previously connected to the router) or you can edit the MAC to any address you desire.

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You can type, as @BobN said.

Indeed, editing is possible when "Clone" is selected, but only via Webinterface, not in the Android Glinet App.
So I need to do the change of MAC via Webinterface as workaround, all fine now.
Thank you very much for your help.