Beryl AX (MT-3000) as a access point repeater

Hello everyone, I am trying use a Beryl AX as a wireless repeater for an existing AP which is connected to a LAN via ethernet cable. This LAN consists of some computers.

I have found that, when I am connected to the Beryl wifi (which is configured to extend/repeat the AP), I am unable to ping any of the computers in the LAN. Does this not work for the Beryl in such setup?

Note that, the LAN and AP are unable to access the internet.

Any help is appreciated.

@glinetTest Could you help to check the IP address of your device?

@alex_zheng As in the IP address of the Beryl? I kept it as default. is what I see from the admin panel. But the IP address of the Beryl and AP shouldn’t matter right?

My computer and the computers on the LAN is on the same IP subnet. I am able to the ping the LAN computers when connect the AP directly via wifi.

@glinetTest the IP of the WIFI device. and the computers in the LAN. If they are in different IP segment, you can’t done a ping

Thanks for your input. I ran some tests today and was able to get it working. The IP address at the AP was indeed one of the culprits.
The other one, is embarassing for me. I did not realize, there are both “Repeater” mode and a “Extender” mode available. I believe what I needed is the “Extender” mode and set it accordingly.
Is the explanation from the following forum post still hold true?

Yeah, the explanation is right.

Right. Thanks for the tips guys.
One last question, about the “extender” mode. I can’t seem to find it on the gli net app on Android, only “repeater” mode is available. So I can only do “extender” mode on the admin panel web page?