Beryl AX (MT-3000) USB Storage good performance


I have a Beryl AX (MT-3000) router and recently I thought of using it for AdGuard Home + TailScale + USB Storage (as “NAS”, storing there another copy of some data and some movies to stream via SAMBA)

Everything seems good so far, even it surprised me when using a EXT4 SSD, the Beryl AX seems capable of putting +100MB/s read and write over the network (almost gigabit, maximum performance).

My doubt comes when I tested it. I put a 60GB test of transfer (write) over SAMBA, and the router never failed or slowed, but I could see how the RAM went 100% used and the CPU load (2 cores says the admin website) went slowly increasing up to 3 on this test of about 10 minutes.

I suppose this is because the transfer speed was at maximum, because then, when trying to stream a 4K high bitrate test video, the CPU load kept at about 0.5 steady (and also, maybe because it’s reading instead of writing).


Do you think that is a normal behaviour? Or should avoid this function for the reliability of the router?

There is any config to avoid the router from going to high loads when transfering high data loads? even if this means throttling the speed (for example, 50MB/s instead of 110MB/s)?

I’m doubting how reliable the “NAS” or USB storage function is on this router, I’m a bit lost about if do this or if pass and search for another solution for SAMBA storage on the network.

Thank you.

Well, it’s an router not an NAS. This should already tell you how reliable the function might be :wink:

Mostly it will be fine, but there might be issues. The only thing to do is testing, testing, testing. By simply putting load on the CPU/RAM you won’t brick the device - nothing to worry about. But during high load the router part might get unresponsive; which could even lead to connection issues.

Samba is very resource hungry due to different reasons. File system caching is one of them.

So all in all my advice is: Try it. :smile: