Beryl ax mt3000 802.11s or 802.11r mode capability

I am trying to setup beryl ax for mesh 802.11s and could not find mode selection menu on luci where it was supposed to be according to YouTube. Then I looked for alternative which was fast roaming 802.11r setting. and beryl ax luci menu did not have this as well. I am very new to this and if openwrt was installed and i thought I could enable this is not the case. could I get some help on solving this problem? or did i buy the wrong model for these mode?

okpg wpad mess openssl and okpg wapd openssl was installed by various method cli, glint web plugin, luci software but i could not see 802.11s selection menu. I tried to see if beryl ax support mesh by iw list then response was nl80211s not found.

We are using MTK’s private driver, which does not support 802.11s and 802.11r at the moment.