Beryl AX MT3000 and WireGuard tunnel VPN.

Hello everyone,

I have a router Beryl AX MT3000.
At home (place A), I have an internet connection with a fixed public IP number.

My goal is that when I’m abroad (place B) using a Beryl AX MT3000 router, I use a VPN gateway to pass all my traffic through the fixed IP I have at home (place A).

So that when using the Beryl AX MT3000 router (in Place B) , you can see as if I was at home and connecting through my fixed IP (Place A).

I’m thinking about an OpenVPN/Wireguard solution, setting up a VPN tunnel set up on Raspbery PI at home and uploading the configuration to the Beryl AX MT3000 router.

Do you think this will be the most optimal solution? What other suggestions do you have?

If I understand correctly what you want, I think you should use Wireguard in server mode on the Beryl AX MT3000 at place A and Wireguard in client mode on the Beryl AX MT3000 at place B

This is how I’ve got my VPN set up, except at home I’m using an Odroid C2 running Armbian, which also functions as a Pi-Hole. I use the Pi-Hole DNS for the VPN, so I get that benefit when I’m away from home as well.

Edit: I should add that I’ve using my Slate router while I’m away, my Beryl AX has got all sorts of problems, so I’ll wait until the firmware is sorted before I start using that one for travel.

Your setup is tottally OK, based on that you can set up your Pi VPN.

Pls note, the most of the problem of connect to home vpn is the server side.

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Thanks for reply. So you mean that I need two Beryl AX device.

This is how it works for me:

[Beryl AX MT3000] ----VPN------> [home / wireguard]

My wireguard server is a raspberry pi with pivpn installed.