Beryl AX (MT3000) Tailscale advertise-routes broken when using USB tethering

Latest firmware (4.2.2).

I’ve got Tailscale working and verified while the router is getting WAN from WiFi Repeater. But when I plug in my Google Pixel phone via the USB-A port and the router is getting WAN from “Tethering”, subnet routes break.

I’ve narrowed it down to WAN IP, I think. If I turn on Allow Remote Access WAN, it breaks and no routes (not even the LAN subnet) are advertised (according to the Tailscale “Machines” page. If I turn off Allow Remote Access WAN, then the LAN route is advertised fine (assuming Allow Remote Access LAN is enabled).

I’m guessing somewhere in those if-statement blocks of the gl_tailscale script, $param isn’t getting set at all. Or $wan_ip ($wwan_ip??) is null or something… I’m not well-versed in any of this.

As you said, only ethernet or repeater ip will be advertise-routes as WAN in gl_tailscale because of we think there is no actual use scenario for advertise-routes on tethering.

Can you share the actual use of advertise-routes on tethering? Maybe we could consider adding tethering to gl_tailscale.

That’s rather a hard deal breaker for ‘Road Warriors’, isn’t it?

Sorry, I misunderstood ken830’s meaning.

Only not advertise-routes on tethering,the ip of ethernet and repeater should be advertise-routes when Allow Remote Access WAN was turned on, the ip of lan as same.

it is a bug, and I noticed it was already fixed on snapshot v4.3.2

Thank you. I’ve been anxiously looking forward to a stable release of firmware for the last few months months. I see there was a stable release almost monthly until I bought the router and then it stopped. Hopefully, a lot bugs will be fixed with the next stable release.