Beryl AX No Longer Booting Up

I’ve been using your Beryl AX travel modem for about a month now. At first it did not work and had to download the latest snapshot firmware for it to start working on repeater mode. Once the firmware was uploaded to the router it had been working without issue until today. Now when I plug in the router it sits there blinking and won’t fully boot up. I tried resetting the router. The button seemed to work with the router blinking faster like what is supposed to happen with a factory reset. But it eventually just sits there and blinks slowly again. I tried using uboot to upload the latest stable firmware. That process seemed to work perfectly with the uboot message saying that the upgrade was successful and the router will now reboot. But again the router ends up just sitting there blinking slowly. What can I do to fix this?

Does the USB port on the router connect to any devices?

When you did Uboot did you use the WAN or LAN Ethernet interface?
Are you using the original power cord or have a usb hub power station?
When you unplug the device is it from the wall outlet first then from the back of device?
Do you use the switch option for anything?

I am on Snapshot Firmware and have observed weird things when I kept settings such as the button turning off WiFi when not configured and the scheduler rebooting the router every 15 minutes because it was scheduled to do so but not by me.

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Do you still have this problem with the latest 4.2 firmware?

Problem was resolved when I reinstalled the snapshot fresh with no packages or settings saved (my normal procedure for snapshot builds) Has been running for about a week with no issue.

So for whatever reason I could not access the Admin Panel when it was connect through ethernet to my laptop, but it did work when I connected through my home computer. So at least the thing is booting up now. But now it won’t connect to my router on repeater mode like it did when I first got the thing. Even with the latest snapshot it won’t work.

This is very frustrating especially when I have the Slate Plus which does not have these problems.

I have observed some older Intel AC WiFi cards will not pick up the 5GHz signal for some reason(could be advance settings in computer need to be changed) and need to be restarted it to find it, nothing in logs

Try restarting the router the Beryl AX is repeating from