Beryl Ax router dropping internet connection when tethering


I just purchased the Beryl AX travel router and I am tethering to my iPhone to use my data. The router keeps dropping the connection to my iPhone and kicking me offline. I reconnect and literally within less than a minute it kicks me back offline. I have to keep going back in to admin panel to reconnect to the tethering.

I have switched out power cable to cellphone
I have update router firmware
I have updated iPhone software 17.5
And the problem persists. Can some please tell me what’s going on and how to fix this.


How do you connect your iPhone to the router, what channels (or frequencies) and bandwidth do you use?

1.What does the log files say in the router

2.Could be another faulty cable from phone to router.
3.Do you have another phone to test with may be android
4. Could be a USB faulty port on the router or phone