Beryl AX - when using AP mode is there a way to set a static IP for the Beryl?

I have gone into the advanced LuCI interface and looked at Network > Interfaces. It looks like AP mode creates a LAN bridge and adds eth0 and eth1 in it.

Is there a way to set a static IP to the Beryl itself when in AP mode?

If it is an AP on a LAN, reserve the IP for it on the DHCP server controlling the LAN?

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I wish I could. The router I’m using does not have a way to reserve IP addresses - Netgear nighthawk M6 hotspot

or repeater Mode Extended Network?

On LuCI>Interfaces>LAN switch the protocol to Static address instead of DHCP.
Then write your address on “IPv4 address” and on “IPv4 gateway” write your Netgear nighthawk address.

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Thank you for the reply. I had tried that prior and it reverted because I did not log into the new IP to confirm it. For reference complete the above then:

  • Click Save and Apply
  • navigate to the new IP of the device
  • log into the base UI and the LuCI UI
  • I then got the “configuration applied” message.

I did not realize I had to confirm it. You have 80 or so seconds to login at the new address or it will begin the rollback process.

Hope this may help others.

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