Beryl AX with GL-M2 development board - AT manual command window is truncated?


I recently picked up one of the GL-M2 development boards with the RM520N-GL modem to test with my other GL-iNet routers. With my Beryl AX (on 4.5.0 firmware) I notice that the output window for the results of the AT commands is truncated or too small? When I run the command AT+QMBNCFG=“LIST” it should return about 35 lines of information. On the Beryl AX it returns the first 15 lines of the information, truncating the last line at mid-point.

Has anyone else noticed this? It doesn’t affect the performance of the router or the development board. It just doesn’t present all the information you’re looking for from the development board/modem.



Yep, noticed that as well and was told that this is by design.

For getting the full response you need to use SSH.
Maybe this will work: How use AT commands in Putty GL inet 750 - #3 by balanceandpeace


Thanks for the information. Yes, putty/terminal works also for AT commands, but sometimes I’m not on my computer…