Beryl AX3000 in hotel, LAN port problem

Hi all!

I’m in a Marriott with my Beryl AX3000 (firmware 4.5.16). I unplugged the television Ethernet and plugged it in to the WAN port on the Beryl to create my WiFi network and it works just fine. I’d still like to use the television, so I plugged its Ethernet cable into the LAN port on the Beryl, but it just doesn’t work.

Anyone happen to know why it doesn’t work and how to fix it? Unfortunately, I didn’t bring a laptop so I don’t have a way to plug anything else into the LAN port to see if it’s working.


The Beryl creates a new network. I don’t know how the TV works, but since you are using it now over the Beryl network, it might fail.

Worth a try could be switching to “Extender” mode. But since you did not bring a laptop it might be difficult to revert this setting.

Marriott is catching up. They may be MAC filtering on the entertainment vlan. You might need to try to figure out what the correct MAC is for the TV and clone that mac. They may also be doing so additional deep packet inspection on the traffic, they may be using GRE tunnels, they may be using NAC, it is hard to say really. Maybe someone on the forum works for Marriott IT and can shed some (anonymous) insight.

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Thanks, I am new here. :sweat_smile:

I know you mean @park - but it was an answer to my reply, haha :smiley:

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I thought about switching to either Access Point or Extender mode to see if that fixed it, but was worried about losing access to the Admin panel. Looks like holding the rest button for 4 seconds should switch it back to Router mode though. I may try that.

Thanks, but I think most of that is a little beyond my technical ability atm

What you’re after is a transparent network bridge between the WAN and the LAN port which passes straight through the Beryl and for your Local network to be on the WiFi only.

I’m not sure it can be done.

If I understand correctly, the network provided by the LAN is its own network, the same one provided by WiFi (with the SSID and password I created), and this means it won’t work with the hotel television?

If I could access the television’s settings (which I can’t), that would probably mean I could connect it to my network by entering my password?

If I had a switch, could I plug the hotel Ethernet into the switch, then plug the television into the switch, and the Beryl into the switch as well?

Sorry if these are dumb questions. I’m pretty new to this.

Depends on the hotel, so maybe yes, maybe no.

Can you describe a little more on how this will allow @park to use the entertainment network for internet access? I am not sure I follow where a transparent bridge will help here. Or are you saying you can use that to sniff the MAC address you need to clone?

Okay so if I had a mikrotik hap lite to hand.
I’d reset it to access via mac address only, transparent bridge or mirror the WAN port with a LAN port, create a management WiFi and sniff the traffic going across the bridge to the TV to understand what is being rx and tx.

On a GL.iNet device I would pick the sft1200 just because it has more than one LAN port and the sniff the traffic to see what is needed to masquerade as to allow the TV to work.

Or you know, look on the back of the TV. The MAC address is likely right there on the label. Or carry a throwing star lan tap with you. Or just any hardware you have with 2 ethernet devices you can configure as a bridge (linux and windows can both do this easily out of the box). Lots of ways to skin that cat.

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