Beryl Can’t reach Captive P marriott

I am at the renaissance waterfront boston and trying to connect my beryl however I am unable to reach the admin portal. I am connected to the hotels wifi on multiple devices but every time I put in I am brought directly to Marriott website. Something is wrong as this happens even when using and connected to express vpn. User error or is the hotel blocking this?

Appreciate any help

Seems you mentioned two problems.

  1. You cannot connect Beryl to the hotel network.
    Can I ask if you connected the router to the wifi but cannot access the captive portal or you cannot connect the router to hotel wifi at all?

  2. You connected other devies to the hotel wifi directly. So why do you want to access then? Maybe the hotel also use for some reason.

Pls clarify and we can check what to do next.

1 - That is correct. I finally got into the admin portal and was able to than scan for networks and connect to hotel WiFi, however I was never able to get through Captive Portal.

2 - That is my error. I forgot you connect to router and than of to

Did you turn off DNS rebind protection?

If it can connect and get an IP address then there is hope.

Maybe you can use mac clone? Pls note Mac clone of MT1300 repeater works in firmware 3.215.