Beryl connecting to wifi but can't see internet

I’ve just acquired “Beryl”, connected, modified the SSID and password etc and successfully connected to the home wifi.

My home WLAN is on 192.168.1.x
Beryl seems to be on 192.168.8.x

I can’t get via Beryl to the internet - do I need to do something to the router firewall to make this work?

The whole point of getting Beryl is so I can use it between public wifi and my device(s); if I can’t do this, what’s the point?

Just to go through the obvious.

  1. If you use a wireless device, and connect to your home wifi on 192.168.1.x, you can get to the internet fine?
  2. If you use a wireless device, and connect to the Beryl via wifi, you can access the Beryl GUI at, and your wireless device draws an IP in the 192.168.8.x range?
  3. Using your wireless device then, on the GUI, under “repeater”, you scan for your home wifi, enter your password, and it connects to your home router?
  4. All of the above is “yes”, but then your wireless device doesn’t have a connection to the internet?
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With the Beryl connected to your home wifi, can you try “ping” ?

Can you post a screenshot of the Admin Panel page when connected?

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