Beryl DLNA Server

How do I configure the “Native” DLNA server in the new Beryl. I tried installing the MiniDLNA server through the apps and it shows that a more current version is running in root. The LUCI App MiniDLNA doesn’t acknowledge the installed DLNA server…


There is one already

I know I can enable it. Unfortunately the LUCI APP MINIDLNA doesn’t not correctly identify it or allow you to configure it. I need to know how to configure it. The default install doesn’t work for me…

You can remove the originally dlna before you install new ones.

What needs to be de-installed to use the vanilla minidlna? And can I get back to the built-in minidlna?

I don’t think there is a difference. It is just a UI for the vanilla minidlna.

Pls help me to understand.

If i use the built-in minidlna, then it only seems to be visible as a DLNA server on the LAN network. I want to use it to access media on the WAN network too. If i cannot do this with the built-in server, using the admin UI, then what do i need to do?

Adding the luci-app-minidlna doesn’t control the built-in server. How do i get to use the regular server and control it via Luci?

Thanks !

Let me check by myself and come back to you.

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Were you able to find something out…?


I checked it is works fine.

Both UI can control the config correctly.

Both end can start or end the service. But in the luci side, seems that the enable option has problems and not updated for status. But it can be used to turn on and off the service correctly.

Thanks !

Any suggestions to address having the Minidlna server running on my Beryl and seeing it / accessing it from the WAN port network?

maybe but no guarantee…vpn in brdge mode and allowing broadcasts. dlna if i recall is local sub only

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@shol did you make any headway on this? would like to know if it worked over bridge mode. thanks

No. Unfortunately, could not get it working.

Do not install luci-app-minidlna and minidlna!
I did a factory reset and inserted a MicroSD with jpg and mp3 files.
I setup my Beryl-Network and the Filesharing-DLNA in the Gui and that worked fine. I can see and use the Beryl DLNA Server beside my Twonky-DLNA Server on my NAS.
I installed luci, created a backup and rebooted by beryl again.
After the reboot everything still works fine and I can see and use the Beryl-DLNA ( in my Windows-Laptop and in my Android BubbleUpNP).
Then, I wanted to configure the DLNA a little bit more and I installed luci-app-minidlna.
After that, my Beryl DLNA was gone in my clients and I could not manage to get it back.
I de-installed luci-app-minidlna, run a restore and rebooted my beryl. After that the DLNA was back.
I think, using the luci-app-minidlna package destroys some configs.
But I’m not sure about this.

Any updates? really want to configure my DLNA. Can it safely be done through luci-app-minidlna. There doesn’t appear to be a good answer for firmware 3.201

From 3.201, you need to install dlns first

If you want to install minidlna and luci-app-minidlna you can also do it manually in application->plugins

Question isn’t about the ability to turn on the DLNA server. But the ability to install, configure and use luci-app-minidlna without corruption of the new “Native” minidlna option. I would assume the same question exists for luci-app-samba, as these apps are now part of the File Sharing portion, but no ability is provided (or documentation) on what that default configuration is and how to successfully manage it if you need to change it.

I am not sure if this will still happen, as the firmware has been upgraded and a log of problems are fixed.

I can’t get mine to pop up either on my Beryl. Any ideas?