Beryl - dropping connecting - USB tethering - flashing blue light


I’m experiencing an intermittent issue whereby when connected to my phone by USB tethering, the connection will occasionally drop, and the light on the router will change from white to flashing blue. The only way I seem to be able to resolve this is my unplugging the USB/Lightning cable from my iPhone 11 (iOS 15.3.1), and reconnecting the cable, and then its fine again. I can be using the router with no issues for a few hours, and then this will suddenly happen.

Has anyone else experienced this, or could offer any advice as to how to prevent this happening?

For referencing, I’m running 3.211 on my Beryl device.

Many thanks.

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Same here!
Disconnect Tethering - Connect again or unplug - plug the iPhone again works. But it’s quite annoying!

I guess it’s a bug of the firmware.

I upgraded from Creta to Beryl. Exactly the same issue as described. You can log into the router and disconnect and re-connect the tethering. With this the internet connection works again. No need to touch the iphone or the USB cable. Therefore I believe it’s an issue of the firmware.

Thanks, its good to know I’m not the only one having the issue. I believe this issue existed before I upgraded the firmware, but I could be wrong. Either way it is still happening now and is quite annoying.

i have same problem but drops out every 5 mins or so, when i have phone unlocked it acts as if being plugged
in and unplugged every few seconds. maybe weak usb cable to phone ?

I have had my Beryl for some 12 months and never had a problem.It is running on the latest version .
I am currently in Spain for a fortnight and the router when plugged in just shows a flashing blue light.I have rebooted ,reloaded previous saved copies ,factory reset but nothing has worked.
Any suggestions ?

The LED is Flashing slowly? i.e. breathing? It means there is no Internet. So if you supply internet it should ok. If there is already Internet and you can access the Internet without problem, then just leave it alone. Some network does not allow ping.

If it flash quickly and there is no wifi, no Intenet, then it seems a power adapter problem. Just change one power adapter and check.