Beryl drops wifi regularly

I’m running 3.211 on our Beryl router and numerous times per day the wifi drops off and returns a few seconds later. This is causing issues with zoom calls, streaming, etc.

Internet is through Ethernet WAN and I have the repeater off (set to not scan and connect).

I have one windows 10 connected through a LAN port, a Raspberry pi on the other LAN, a windows 11 laptops and several iPhones and iPads on wifi.

Any ideas how we can fix this?

Try to set a different Wifi name (SSID) for 2.4GHz and 5GHz.
I assume the drops will only happen at 5GHz. The reason could be interference with other frequencies → change channel to a free one.

I have 5GHz turned off. I also have the guest network off. Load and memory both stay below 40%.

Do you mean 2.4G actually?

Why you have 5G turned off? Basically you should use 5G if you can.

Yes. I already thought of another reason, while writing. But I’m trying to write one solution at once … So it goes mixed up :slight_smile: Sorry for that.

Our VHF (Vesper Cortex) is 2.4 only.

Can you do this:

  1. Upgrade to latest Snapshot firmware GL.iNet download center
  2. Then you find the wifi settings on MT1300 and set to H20?

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Okay. This is what the manufacturer of the VHF just sent me.

The logs are pointing to something with the router. I’d advise the user to disable all power saving mechanisms in the router and make sure it’s using the latest FW on it.

We’re getting lots of beacon loss events and that’s causing the the disconnects. Two things to note is that he’s using both channel 11 and 40 MHz channels and we’ve seen issues with either of those things in other units. I’d recommend changing one of those and seeing if it works. If it doesn’t, then change both.

They mentioned two problems:

  1. Power saving mechanisms: I think we do not have power saving activated.
  2. 40Mhz problem: I have mentioned this in my image.

If still disconnect, can you give the log in MT1300 router?

It still still does it. How do I get the log?

SSH to the router and use command logread to get the log. Then post here or send via email
Support at