Beryl fails to connect to Proton VPN wireguard

Hello everyone,

Let me start of by stating I’m not very tech-savy.
I have been using Proton VPN wireguard on the Beryl router while travelling for the past 2 months and it was working fine. I always just set up the repeater-option to connect to the wifi.
Today I had to do a reset on the Beryl. When trying to connect the VPN to my existing (or to a newly created) Wireguard Proton configuration I get the following message:
“VPN client failed to connect. This may be because of wrong configuration, unsupported parameters or terminated by the server”. The VPN-light stays orange instead of changing to green. The led light on the Beryl is steadily white.
Any idea what might have been the cause and what can solve the problem?

Thank you.

Can you provide logs?

Where exactly do I find the logs? I read they should be under admin panel-system-logs. But I can not seem to find system?

Meanwhile, I created a new vpn server on proton where the beryl did succeed to connect to(green light) and I’m connected to the wifi(green light as well) but now the device keeps blinking blue again.

If you are using the 4.x firmware, click on view log directly in the VPN Dashboard. if you are using the 3.x firmware, please export the logread via ssh.

GL iNet logread from (12.2 KB)
Thank you for explaining. Please see attached.

The log is not formated well. Can you pls check? (330.0 KB)
Sorry about that, hope this one is formatted better.

Still not the correct log.

Sure be nice if there was a simple way from the WEB based GL iNet GUI to zip up all the log and config files and download them directly to your PC, all nicely formatted, so users would not have to deal with learning Putty/SSH/SCP/WinSCP/…, and which CLI commands to run from the Linux ash shell.

There is already in 4.x firmware

Looking forward to seeing all the new features once a stable versions of 4.x is released for any of the 5 different GL iNet router models I own. (5.5 KB)

This is the log I exported form Terminal on my Macbook. If it’s not the right one or formatted wrong than please point out what needs to be changed.

Can we do a remote check? I am sending you a private message.

Here is my update.

Problem 1: Proton Wireguard config can be only downloaded one time

If you use Protonvpn and use their wireguard, you can only download the Wireguard config one time. After you refresh the Browser, you cannot download for a 2nd time.

The private key is marked. If you download or copy, it will stay as “*****”. You cannot use this to connect Wireguard.

Problem 2: Proton Wireguard may have bugs

This cannot not been confirmed before got a formal reply from Proton.

Wireguard config generated from @Zokoro’s Proton account cannot be used for some reason.

Wireguard config generated from my own Proton account does not have problems. So it is suspected that Proton has bugs. Waiting for reply from them.