Beryl GL-MT1300 as wireless bridge

I want to use the Beryl as a wireless bridge.
Specifically, I have a wired LAN (, no DHCP server. I want to connect the Beryl to the LAN with a cable and connect my laptop wirelessly to the Beryl, and be able to access the devices on the LAN.

I read in other posts that this used to be possible from the GUI in older firmwares but not anymore, and now you have to do it with some scripts, but those posts are several years old and I don’t know if those scripts are valid for the Beryl.

So how can I do this? I purchased the Beryl specifically for this purpose. Other routers allow you to do this easily from the GUI (e.g., my last travel router), why was this option removed?


I’m not an expert in IT or networks. When I am using a GL-iNet device (Beryl/SlateAX), I hope it will be a shield to connect my mobile workplace (and in the RV temporary living place) as secure as possible.
I know, some times I ‘just need a WLAN-LAN bridge’. Than I would not think of the beryl. It is much too powerful (and needs power) for just that task.
All the beauty needs to be disabled just to be a dumb device. This is maybe possible with a PC or Laptop. But could be very time consuming for embedded devices. for example in the QA-checks or while troubleshooting.

Do you know the movie ‘apollo 13’ with Tom Hanks? There is a scene, where they put a bunch of supplies on the table to make the round air filter fit into the cubic one.
If I am in space and have only my Beryl with me and need to bridge the communication from the space ship to the landing pod, I would start with:

  • Open LuCI Web interface
  • Open ‘Network - Interfaces’
  • Go to the ‘lan-br’ and click ‘Edit’
  • Make sure DHCP is off

Done in less than 2 minutes. Maybe 15-30 Minutes to check the right parameters the first time.

If you’d like to share what scripts you are using, maybe one or another here has a idea to upgrade them or optimize them.

This is achieved by plugging the LAN cable into one of the LAN ports (instead of the WAN port) of the Beryl.