Beryl (GL-MT1300) LTE USB Dongle Recommendation

I’m in search of an LTE USB dongle that works well with the Beryl (GL-MT1300). I’m in Germany and will likely go with a Telekom (German T-mobile) data only SIM. Looking on, there are a couple options from Hauwei. I’m looking specifically at the E8372 and E8372h models. I understand I’d need to change the LAN of the Beryl to something other than for these to work. Are there any other considerations to account for before I make a purchase? Is the “h” model better/more compatible with the Beryl?

Huawei E3372h-320 ( or the old version for Europe - E3372h-153) does work too.

h (at the end) is plug and play

s (at the end) can offer advanced settings but not plug and play like ‘h’ version ; by advanced settings I mean being able to disable double nat, changing IMEI …