Beryl (GL-MT1300) WireGuard client speedtest

I recently bought Beryl (GL-MT1300) for my room and also to use it as a travel router when needed. I am sharing the WireGaurd VPN speed test from Mullvad and TrustZone VPN. I own NordVPN and Surfshark but they do not let you use WireGuard outside their own apps.

Test results:

  1. Without VPN I’m getting 94.4/93.67 Mbps
  2. With Mullvad WireGuard VPN: 2-With-Mullvad-Wire-Guard-VPN — ImgBB
  3. With TrustZone WireGuard VPN: 3-With-Trust-Zone-Wire-Guard-VPN — ImgBB

What do you think?

Around 70Mpbs for Wireguard download and 60Mbps upload is normal.

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