Beryl GL-MT3000 Between modem and Orbi Router + satelliite

I ordered the GL-MT3000 yesterday and it should arrive today.
I need help/guidance installing the GL-MT3000 as the “primary” router.
I was thinking of doing the following:
Plug the modem cable into the Wan port of the GL-MT3000
Set the GL-MT3000 to not assign DHCP and give it the following Gateway and an IP of 10.0.1 and set it as an Access Point.
Plug a LAN port on the GL-MT3000 to the WAN port of the Orbi router.
Set the Orbi to assign DHCP and leave its current gateway of and IP of
I understand that this configuration (if it is correct) will enable the GL-MT3000 to be the primary router on my network and AdGuard will be protecting all the devices connected to the Orbi and/or Satellite.
I would gratefully appreciate any help in case the configuration above is not the right one for the expected goal.

Not really sure whether your proposed setup will work or not but I can see you running into double-NATing problems at the very least. I have a similar setup to yours but I use the GL.iNET as the main router doing all the important routing work and use my mesh system as a dumb Access Point only to provide WiFi connectivity for the whole property. The GL.iNET will have much more features than what the Orbi can offer. This works perfectly without the need to daisy chain NATing devices. Pretty sure that people with more experience will also chip in with more advice.

That’s actually exactly what I’m trying to accomplish:
GL-MT3000 WAN port plugged into the modem, then Orbi WAN port plugged into a LAN port of the GL-MT3000. Gateway and IP for the GL-iNet, no DHCP Gateway and IP for the Orbi + Satellite DHCP + set up as an access point.

Your GL.iNet should do the DHCP and your Orbi mesh system should not have its own IP subnet or do any DHCP if you leave it in “access point” mode. It will literally just be a wifi radio totally controlled by the GL.iNet.

So… Just connect the modem to the WAN port of GL-MT3000, then connect LAN port of the GL-MT3000 to the WAN port of the ORBI and disable its DHCP and still set it up as an access point?

Absolutely. That’s exactly what I do. Just remember to disable the WiFi on your MT3000 to avoid it clashing with your Orbi’s.

One more question: I should connect a LAN port of the GL-iNET router to a LAN port of the access point right? (Not WAN right?)

I think you need to get the MT3000 to work in AP mode, please refer to the following link.

It will need to be LAN from router (MT3000) to WAN of AP (Orbi).

I don’t think that @Flaubert would want the MT3000 in AP mode . With their setup, they’ll need to have the mesh system in AP mode if they are to benefit from features like AdGuard or VPN of the GL.iNet.

I’ll try this today.
I just received the package.

He may not be able to meet his needs.
If only use adguardhome, MT3000 should still be able to handle DNS requests in AP mode.

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Did you ever get this working? I have an orbi mesh with 2 satellites and wanting to do the same thing. Force all devices to go through mt3000 for adgaurd and future vpn protection for the whole house. I don’t have any fancy advanced configurations, still sitting on default 192 for router. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Never worked, unfortunately.

Great, I saw this post and assumed it was working :rofl:.

I got it working on my second attempt. However my streaming suffered and been freezing for the first time in 5+ years. It’s weird because I was only getting around 500mbps on my iphone speed test and still get these speeds. I’m just not sure if something is configured incorrectly in the mt3000 (adgaurd) or it’s just not meant to maintain 50+ network devices.

Steps for anyone else that finds this post:

  1. connected mt3000 to laptop via lan cable (dummy connection - using wifi for active network)
  2. connected to my orbi via active wifi 192.x.x.x
  3. disabled dhcp and changed ip address (same network)
  4. configured mt3000 as router and changed the IP to what the orbi was before (personal preference)
  5. take my modem cable and plug into WAN of mt3000, then plugged network cable from LAN on mt3000 to LAN on orbi router
  6. configured orbi to AP mode

all devices and everything seem to work great. I have a constant purple light on my orbi router. Everyone says to change the port from the LAN to WAN and it will disappear but i get no network activity when doing so.