Beryl GL-MT3000 | Modify MAC-Address | Beta 4.6.0-op24 from 2024-05-31


I'm using Beta 4.6.0-op24 from 2024-05-31 on my Beryl MT3000. I can modify the MAC-Adress via Dashboard -> Modify -> Random MAC Address -> Apply. This works like expected and changes the MAC.

When i use NETWORK -> MAC Address -> Random -> Apply it has no effect and the the MAC is not changed.

Is this a bug?


I just tried the beta and faced the same problem.
Can you try it out in the 2024-06-07 edition?

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Just tried the new beta. Doesn't work.

Does not work in 2024-06-07 Beta.

This only changes the mac address it report to the parent network. It does not change your BSSID, if this what you mean.

Khem… How to change BSSID?

Latest beta firmware.

This changes BSSID.

This only randomise mac address that used to connect to upstream network.

On Flint 2 see it. Will it be on Puli?

Should be. Let's wait.