Beryl LED config

Just got my new Beryl in and am trying to control the LED.

I have installed Luci and played with the LED Configuration menu quite a bit but nothing seems to do anything…

My goal is for the front LED to show the status of my wireguard connection - but during testing I’ve been trying to get the LEDs to do anything other than just be solid white.

When my wiregaurd connection is established there is an interface called “wg0” so I tried making a ‘netdev’ trigger for that device with the trigger mode set to ‘link on’, I’ve tried having the trigger mode set to “transmit & receive”, I’ve tried switching the ‘default state’ box off and on…

I’ve made basic triggers with trigger=defaulton, I’ve tried netdev triggers for the wireless network devices…

I’ve tried all those things, and more, for both of the LED names available in the dropdown (gl-mt1300:white and …:blue)

After doign Save & Apply sometimes I’ve removed power completely…


Pls do according to this guide. It is different from openwrt

Ahh, cool, those commands will let me manually control the LEDs.

How would I link that to wireguard vpn connection then?

You should check /etc/init.d/wireguard and modify the secripts

It’s possible show a different color when a vpn connection is active?
I whould like to have solid blue when vpn its working and a solid white when i am getting internet without vpn (when vpn drops or i turned off)

It is actually two color LEDs. One is blue and one is white. So just turn one color one and turn the other off.

Do you have some script or instructions to change led when vpn is active?

This configuration seems doesnt work… led is always white… its correct?

I too have this issue. The LED config on LuCI is non functional.

I have modified the config files on my router in order to add another radio for WAN, and in doing so, whatever GL script controls the LED does not account for this and shows the blue flashing no connection light, even though the connection is perfectly functional.

Is there any way to restore the LED control configuration on LuCI?