Beryl LuCI LED control not working?

I just got a Beryl for travel and can’t use the VPN kill switch, so I’d like to have the light verify VPN is active or show activity. I got into LuCI’s LED configuration, but that page doesn’t match the only docs I could find on the web site, which were for the AR150, AR300, and MT300, not the MT1300 at LED Customization - GL.iNet Docs

It’s at least partially working. I have the switch set to turn the VPN on/off and I can see the tun0 being detected when on, but there’s no change in the light. I’ve tried various combinations of the settings:

  • For both blue and-or white light
  • Default state checked and unchecked
    *Trigger Mode: Link on, Transmit, Receive
    It’s currently sitting at:
    MT1300 LED Config


  1. What does the “Default State” mean?
  2. Where did I go wrong with my selections?
  3. Do I need to turn off the white light?
  4. Can I turn off the lights? (Useful for small rooms)
  5. Can we control brightness of the LEDs other than putting tape over them?


MT1300 led is controlled by both an i2c chip and GPIO. The screenshot you pasted is only related to GPIO part. FYI.

OK, I’ll give it a shot.