Beryl (MT-1300) takes a long time to connect to wifi

hey all :wave:
I’ve just installed the latest beta for Beryl and I noticed two things:

  1. the Fritzbox relay error is gone, I have internet now
  2. when I power up the router, it takes at least 3-4 min to properly load and I’m able to connect to wifi and sometimes, I can connect but then the router drops me and I have to reconnect

point 2 is a new issue and I didn’t notice on previous firmware

any ideas? known issue maybe?


My Beryl also takes its good time to start up the WiFi, particularly 5G…

What is this error?

If the router takes extram long to boot, check the LED status.

A normal boot process, the LED will go

  1. Solid blue, indicating boot
  2. Flashing blue, indicating connecting to the Internet
  3. White, connected to the Internet

If you see the LED suddently flashes then go solid blue, it mean means it rebooted. In this case, check the power adapter you are using. Maybe change one.

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I had this error when updating to the latest stable version but the beta has this changelog

2. Fixed MT1300 cannot relay Fritzbox's wifi.

so this one is definitely fixed :tada:

I don’t see the router rebooting, the process goes as you described…I counted the boot time, and it takes around 1 and a half minutes so I think it is fine, I was just overreacting since I swear in the previous version (3.203) was faster than that but this is definitely not a long time

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