Beryl MT-3000 network not shown when abroad

I have a Beryl MT-3000 which worked great from home in the US. I am traveling in Italy and staying at an apartment with an ordinary cable router. When I power on the Beryl, its access point never appears in the available list on my iPhone. The front light alternates between solid blue and flashing blue.

I then tried typing in the SSID but the phone said it was not found, It’s annoying as travel was the main reason I got the router! There are many other access points around, but even with my phone next to the router, it never shows up in the list.

Ideas and suggestions welcomed.

Does this happen if you power on the Beryl before you plug in the cable modem / wan facing router? It’s possible there’s an IP conflict if the wan facing router uses the same subnet (ie hands out IP addresses starting with 192.168.8.X, which the Beryl uses for its local network by default, but can be changed). If it’s still happening, I’d try the “repair” feature and hold down the side button for 4 seconds. It’s also possible that your router is set to a certain DFS (160MHz) channel that’s not available in your region, which holding the side button down for 4 seconds should theoretically fix.

Thanks for the reply. I don’t have the Beryl wired to the modem. I could try that but would not know what the Beryl’s IP address is since I don’t have admin access to it.

I tried holding down the side button for 4 seconds - is the front light supposed to flash or otherwise indicate a change? It did not fix the problem.

It occurs to me that I did not explain the issue properly. It’s not that I can’t see the modem’s SSID, it’s that my devices can’t see the Beryl’s SSID.

Gotcha — if the Beryl hasn’t connected to the network you want to repeat yet then IP conflicts shouldn’t be possible. Seems like your best bet is to reset the router to factory settings, you can do this by holding down the button for 10 seconds. Don’t know exactly how, but the light should indicate the reset.

I tried the full reset. The light started flashing rapidly and did not stop. It didn’t help, unfortunately. I guess I’ll just do without it until I get back home and try to figure it out, maybe do the “unbrick”. Chances are it will behave fine at home - sigh.

Unfortunately, it still misbehaves at home. I even tried the UBOOT reset but could not get it to connect at all, and it did not display the white LED as suggested in the documentation. I have submitted a support request.