Beryl MT1300 cannot connect to GN-only wifi

i have to acitive bgn on the access point. as gn is not available on Beryl, i was expecting that bgn on Beryl side could connect to gn on access point side. Am i wrong?

firmware version is latest snapshot as of tody, but also 201 final.

You might roll back to 211 final from the snapshot and then try. But 211 has different wifi drivers than 201 and that might help.

So you mean it cannot connect to your gn wifi? What is the error message?

The wifi settings on the Beryl firmware should not matter. You don’t need to set bgn in the router itsefl.

On the accesspoint side, there is no log message of an unseccessful connection attempt.

On the Beryl side: it tries conneting, then my wifi connection to Beryl is disconnected without any message (which is normal after setting up the router to the new access point), but after reconnecting to Beryl, it is still without internet connection.

Are you able to setup using cable so that your wifi does not break while connecting?

Also can you ssh to the router and get the log using “logread” after connection failed.