Beryl MT1300 Cannot use Wireguard Client

I have a Flint2 MT6000 (4.5.8). It works great. I set it up as a Wireguard Server and generated WG client profiles for my devices.

All of the devices work, iPhone14ProMax, Samsung S21, MacMiniM2, iPhoneX, nVidia Shield Pro, Mango MT-300N-V2 and Brume-W-MV-1000W connecting to the Flint2 with no issues whatsoever.

However, I cannot get my Beryl-MT-1300 to connect to the Flint2. There is something not right and I am stumped. I have generated additional profiles to test on my Beryl, reset to factory settings, downgraded and upgraded from up to 4.3.11 (plus all the firmware in between) and yet no luck. Can someone help?

Is the internal LAN network of your Beryl the same as on Flint2?
(By default it’s 192.168.8.x)

If yes: Change it on the Beryl to something which isn’t 192.168.8 nor 192.168.9