Beryl MT1300 -- how many NIC devices?

Beryl MT1300 has 3 Ethernet ports labeled WAN (1), and LAN (2). However, I see only one “eth0” device (CPU0) with VLAN devices defined on it and mapped to the external physical connectors and a “bridge” for the LAN ports.

Would appreciate if someone could point me to a doc or explain how physical network device is mapped out to virtual device(s).

When using 3.x firmware(openwrt 19.07 based).
Switch view:
The switch is divided into two VLANs: vlan1(port 0 1 2 3) and vlan2(port 4). vlan2 only uses two ports physically. port 6 is called CPU port which allows both vlan1 and vlan2 tagged traffic.

CPU view:
eth0 is divided into two VLAN eth0.1 and eth0.2 that are mapped to switch two VLANs.

Following command can be used to check their relation:

brctl show
swconfig dev mt7530 show

And more directly, you can check the /etc/config/network config file.

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Thanks for the pointer. It helped me configure one of the “LAN” ports to a second ISP (LAN4) in the above screenshot and do load balance using mwan3.

A couple of follow up questions:

  1. Is there a way to rename “LAN 4” to “WAN 2” and

  2. Is there a way to remove ports LAN 1 and LAN 2 from the image displayed? The MT1300 only has three RJ45 ports. It would be great to see only the following “CPU (eth0),” “LAN 3”, “WAN 2”, and “WAN”

Thanks so much for the guidance.

Pls don’t remove or modify that. It is just internal interfaces and you will mess up if you change.

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