Beryl MT3000 OpenVPN DNS issue (Adguard)

Hello all,
I found a strange issue.

With MT3000 beryl (last stable firmware) if I use Adguard dns (turn on) everything works included guest wifi with VPN (setting by policy).

If i turn Adguard off, I have regular connection on primary wifi (no vpn) but I can’t connect at all with guest wifi (VPN).

DNS settings are on automatic mode.

If i reset beryl mt3000 and didn’t touch Adguard at all, everything works good (regular wifi and vpn guest wifi).

What’s the problem with Adguard?

NO USE (from reset): everything works.
ON: everything works.
OFF: OpenVPN broken.


So you mean if you turn on AdguardHome and turn it off, it will cause OpenVpn dns break?

Can you let me know which openvpn you are using?
Pls also clearly describe how you set up vpn policy.

Need to do a test.

Thank you dear for the quick reply.

I use openvpn tcp client, i have 2 provider: FastestVPN and Ivacy VPN.

configuring router from scratch, all works good.
I have set VLAN policy (regular IP on primary wifi and VPN IP on guest wifi).

If I use Adguard (ON) everything works.
When I switch Adguard OFF the VPN client connects but I can’t access to the internet (DNS probe error from browser).
If I turned ON Adguard again, everything works.

Now I reset my router and everything works ok, but i didn’t touch Adguard for now.

Anyway, this router is awesome, I have bought this and Opal, you guys from GL.inet rock! :wink:

Can you disconnect vpn and reconnect vpn to see if it works?

Adguard home deal with DNS, when you turn it off, maybe the dns is not configured correctly.

I tried this but didn’t work.
Router reboot didn’t help and delete / reupload openvpn profile do nothing.

Only reset restore the VPN.