Beryl refuses to connect with 5g modem

I’ve got an RM520n-gl in a usb sled that works perfectly when plugged into my computer. I’ve already configured everything, including the APN, AT+QCFG=“usbnet”,0 for NDIS(QMI), etc.

When I plug it into the Beryl, the internet screen shows the modem, the provider, the signal strength, and I can issue AT commands and get back responses. But anytime I try either manual or auto setup, it just hangs at connecting.

I’m on the latest firmware available today.

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Which firmware version do you have on the RM520n-GL?

It wasn’t the fault of anything the Beryl did. Turns out factory reset and firmware update don’t actually reset anything on Quectel modems. I had changed some settings to use a 5g to ethernet board and I had to reverse every single one of those commands, then it connected.

I have no idea why it work in Windows but not with anything else till those commands were reversed. Whole lot of jank in those modems.

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