Beryl router - how to switch off the LED

I’m using the Beryl router in my sleeping room.
The LED light annoys me very much.
Is there a way to stop the light?

See GL-MT1300 LED control instructions . But it requires a bit of manual tinkering.

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Black electrical tape. Low tech!

Or, less blatant:


On my AR750, I prefer to use a mini sticky note to cover the 3 LEDs. I can still see the LEDs through the sticky note if I look directly at the router, but it no longer lights up the hotel room when I am traveling. Also sticky notes don’t leave a sticky mess like electrical tape can :smiley:

Hi funfun,

you made my day.
No, even better: You made my night !

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Or, you can physically open the device itself, and simply use something to cover the LED itself.