Beryl to Flint - slow wireguard VPN speeds?

I am connecting from my Beryl travel router to my home Flint router over Wireguard VPN. Everything has been working perfectly for months, but the speeds are slow.

The Flint is hard wired to my 100mbps home Internet connection but I cannot seem to achieve speeds over about 6mbps.

I’m looking for recommendations, please.

Version 3.214
Address =
ListenPort = 52139
PrivateKey = xxxxx

AllowedIPs =,::/0
Endpoint = x.x.x.x:51820
PersistentKeepalive = 25
PublicKey = xxxxxx

Version 3.211
I have no MTU configured

Thanks in advance

Can you test connecting and measuring the speed with the same Wireguard config running on a PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet to the Flint, instead of using the Beryl? There are free Wireguard apps/software for other devices.

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Good idea.

I tried using the wireguard client on my ipad and the same slow results, approx 5mbps.

Must be something on the flint side.


When you say " The Flint is hard wired to my 100mbps home internet connect" is that 100mbps Download with 5 of 10 mbps upload.

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You might be onto something here. I didn’t think about down/up.

I have this plan from Xfinity
Performance Select Internet Plan
Download speeds: up to 100 Mbps
Upload speeds: up to 5 Mbps

As an FYI - here’s the speed from Xfinity in my area.

Thomas: With 75, 200 and 300 Mbps download speed the upload speed included is 10 Mbps.
Thomas: With 600 and 900 Mbps download speed the upload speed included is 20 Mbps.
Thomas: With 1200 Mbps download speed the upload speed included is 35 Mbps.
Thomas: If you change the download speed then the upload speed will vary accordingly.

You are experience slow speeds because of you are at the max upload for you ISP. You will never be able to get more download then you upload. When you are connected to your Flint, the Flint downloads from the internet then uploads to the Wireguard connection.The Beryl has the potential to download 600mbps+ but the Flint can only upload at a max of 10mbps so your Beryl will be limited to 10mbps or slower.

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Internet service providers usually allow for a little more than the advertised speeds because they do not want all their customers complaining about not getting what they pay for. :rofl: :rofl:

If your Xfinity plan is for 5Mbps upload, then getting 6Mbps is reasonable. If the plan is for 10Mbps upload, you should be able to achieve 11-12Mbps. The Flint should easily be able to achieve more.