Beryl travel router not working with cruise ship Wi-Fi?

Hi –

I am on a cruise ship with a one device plan (no switching allowed) and want to use my GL.iNet Beryl travel router to connect multiple devices. Here is what I have done:

  1. Connect my iPhone to cruise ship Wi-Fi with “Private Wi-Fi Address” turned off
  2. Clone my iPhone’s MAC address on my travel router
  3. Connect another device to my travel router with my iPhone disconnected from Wi-Fi entirely

I cannot connect to any websites (not even the captive portal) through my travel router. Anything else I should try? Thanks!

Try turning off all the DNS settings

  • DNS Rebinding Attack Protection
  • Override DNS Settings for All Clients
  • DNS over TLS (Cloudflare or NextDNS)
  • Dnscrypt-Proxy Settings
  • Manual DNS Server Settings

Yes, just chuck the blooming thing out of the window and try and enjoy your break.

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Thanks for replying! These seem to be disabled by default for me.

I tried resetting the travel router and connecting to the cruise ship Wi-Fi without cloning my iPhone’s MAC address and still could not pull up the captive portal. Could the network be configured to detect and block routers?

It is possible. Try to mangle your TTL to 65. I remember seeing some posts on this, so a forum or google search should help.

ETA: for search purposes, people use to for using mobile devices as hotspots but want to hide the fact they are not using the phone itself.

No solution; only a possible work-around.

On a recent cruise with my Beryl AX I had to use my iPhone connected to the ship’s Wi-Fi, and then I lightning-tethered to the BAX, and from there my laptop and other iPhone could Wi-Fi to the BAX and out to the world. Connecting BAX via iPhone Wi-Fi hot-spot did not ever work; BAX never saw iPhone SSID. (Maximize Compatibility is enabled…) The down-side is that my iPhone had to be there for the other devices to be used; fortunately for me that wasn’t an issue.

I have found that all the old TTL mangle instructions are useless; “the command” makes reference to tables that no longer exist. ymmv of course.

Happy cruise!

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I was not aware that an iphone would hotspot a wifi network. I thought it only did cellular-based hotspotting. Like how they will not hotspot a VPN connection. Both are a security concern for enterprises. As far as TTL, I am certain there is a way to make that work, it may just take some googling. It is a simply iptables statement in a custom rule.