Beryl VPN policy issue

Hi all
I’m have an issue with my Beryl router and VPN policies.

Running firmware version 3.203

Basically what I’m trying to to is send one device (Apple TV) through VPN and all the rest of my devices just have a “regular” internet connection. These are my settings:

Enable VPN Policy - ON

Use VPN for guest network - OFF

Use VPN for all processes on the router - OFF

Please Choose Policy: MAC Address

Please Choose Rules: Only allow the following use VPN = MAC address of my Apple TV

I then turn on my Wireguard client connection and my ATV will connect through the VPN, however none of the rest of my devices have a internet connection. Is this a bug in the firmware or is there a work around for this?


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Seems settings are correct. Can you post a screenshot? You can mark your mac address though.

I am facing the exact same issue with the same firmware. Attached you will find a screenshot of my configurations.

Please note that this did not happen in the previous firmware 3.201

Hi, pls try firmware 3.211. Fixed bug in vpn policy.

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In the folder for B1300, there is a clear warning that says : “please do not use this until this file is removed” . Besides it is only the Beta version.

Note that I was in the wrong page. It is not B1300. It is MT1300.

I hereby confirm that the new version 3.211 fixes the problem with the VPN I described above.

Thank you

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