Beryl Vs BrumeW

So the Beryl is an Upgraded Slate (AR750s), Curious of the differences in processors & performance between the Beryl and the BrumeW.

What use cases favor which of the routers. They both seem very close to me, (I don’t know enough… :slight_smile: )

Computation performance: Brume >> Beryl

WiFi performance: Beryl >> Brume

It really depends on how many wireless devices you want to connect or how much vpn speed you want to achieve.

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I wanna said for a portable router that use in public danger wifi,
a VPN is a must.

in this way,
brumeW can do 300 Mbps using wireguard or 100 Mbps using openvpn, (brumeW wifi is 300)
beryl only do 91 Mbps using wireguard or 21 Mbps using openvpn. (although beryl’s wifi is 867,
it’s CPU is too slow)

The beryl’s 867 Mbps wifi ONLY helps when use at home which depends on user’s config.
(I myself prefer buy one for use outside and buy one for use at home,
to avoid changing router’s config each time, which may suck)

btw, beryl cost HKD 550, brumeW cost HKD 1100, approximately

BrumeW is more better than Beryl if used openvpn and another Internet tools:v2ray/trojan.

In what case is the Beryl better than the BrumeW aside from price?

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If you want to use it as a non-VPN router, and have a fast enough internet connection that the increase in WiFi speed is worth it.

Or, if you just want speed between locally connected machines.

Beryl is definitely better than Brume in Wi-Fi, the 5Ghz Wi-Fi in Beryl can handle my 500Mb/250Mb PPPoE line in my Speedtest testing and is quite stable.


Thanks for your feedback about speed and pppoe.

i have the brume, and i want to buy beryl. can we plug a usb alfa awu036ac to use the beryl as extender like the brume or its not possible??

I’m not sure you need to use an extender. The Beryl can run 2.4ghz and 5ghz primary and guest networks at the same time as joining another network. What purpose would the extender have?

because if i can put an alfa usb 5ghz, i can have 5ghz on both side! right now my alfa awu036ac is 5ghz and the brume 2.4ghz so im limited to max 300mpbs :frowning:

The Beryl can run 5GHz on both sides without another wireless card. Mine is doing so currently. That said, the WiFi will run slower when it’s doing two connections on the same band.

Beryl may not support external dongle right out of the box. Also this is not recommended.

Beryl has its own 5G wifi and it works much better then dongle. Every with speed cut when using as repeater, it should be better than dongle.