Beryl WPA3 Issue with iPhone

I have a MT1300, firmware 3.215, wireless repeating a hotel WiFi.

When I had WPA2+WPA3 enabled, or if I had WPA3 only enabled, I am unable to connect with iPhone. When I try to connect, the phone tries to connect but never succeeds. It just spins until it gives up/

When using an Intel MacBook, it seems to connect just fine.

In the luci system logs, I see the following errors.
kern.warn kernel: [ 6402.194485] MlmeADDBAAction: PMF connection, Ignore AddBaReq Send DUE TO NOT IN PORTSECURED

Doing a wireshark capture, I see that EAPOL only has message 1 of 4, 2 of 4, 3 of 4. It just continuously sends 3 of 4 message.

Switching over to WPA2-PSK seems to allow the phones to connect.

Googling that error message brings up

Perhaps it is related to some management frame issue?

You are right. I filed a bug internally.

Firmware 4.x does not have this problem.

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This problem happens on IOS16 and later.

I see a beta is out for Beryl. Do you have a confirmed stable release date for Beryl that will resolve?

Sorry I don’t have.

But Beryl 4.x firmware has gone through several beta now. So usable.

Running into the same issue. When using my iPhone 14 Pro running iOS 16.4.1(a) I am unable to connect if set to WPA3 or WPA2+3. MacBook Pro M1 is able to connect without issue.

Running latest available version (3.216)

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will this be fixed in a future stable version 3.2.17?

Can you try 4.x? 3.x for MT1300 is using MTK wifi driver and very difficult to patch.