BerylAX as repeater


I’m having some problems trying to set up my new BerylAX as a repeater.

I can access the Admin Page only in the beginning, until I set up a new password. Then it just stops working and I can’t get into the Admin Page again.

The router is plugged to the electricity only, and I am connected to the router’s SSID from my laptop. My goal is to connect the router to another network via Wi-Fi, but I have no idea why I am unable to get into the Admin Page. I have already tried restarting the router a few times, deleting the browser’s cache, and trying different browsers.

What could be the issue?

So you only set the password, nothing else?

In repeater mode, the modem takes its IP from the other DHCP, which could be on different LAN network range than 192.168.8.x.

Thus, you need to manually set the IP on your machine to be able to reach the Admin Panel.

Yes, after setting the password I got some kind of Chrome’s error page and that was it. It seems to be working with no issues now, so maybe I wasn’t resetting the device properly, or something else was failing. Thank you anyway!

The thing is that I didn’t even get to set it as a repeater since I couldn’t access the Admin Page. I can now, and I’m unsure why I couldn’t before, but it is all good. Thank you anyway!