BerylAX some devices cannot access internet

Hi! I’m not very tech savvy, but I was able to setup the BerylAX as a wireless access point. I connected a laptop first using an ethernet cable to the WAN port to create an SSID and password for wi-fi, then changed the WAN port to a LAN port, then disconnected.

That laptop and 2 other devices were successful in connecting to the wifi and internet.

Now I’m trying to setup a tablet to the wifi - it successfully connected to the BerylAX, but no internet connection. I am able to wirelessly login and access the admin panel using this tablet.

However, from the laptop (which has internet through the BerylAX wi-fi), I cannot connect to the admin panel using wifi - only when using an ethernet cable.

  1. I’d like to get internet using the tablet
  2. Please explain why I can wirelessly connect to the admin panel using the tablet but not the laptop, even though laptop has internet?


Here seems something wrong.
Why didn’t you use the LAN port for initial setup?

Which IP address got your laptop?

What is your ultimate goal, speaking of the Access Point?
Please read this topic as well How to get support quickly and maybe provide a graphical representation of your current network environment.

Do you still have the cable connected to any of the Ethernet ports? If yes then you are bridged.

I’m not tech savvy! I thought the instructions asked me to connect the cable to the WAN port. I already have a router that is connected to the internet provider, so after reading more, I converted the WAN to a LAN port so I could have 2 LAN ports.

I have a router/firewall already connected to my internet provider. My purpose for the BerylAX was to have a device so I can have occasional wi-fi access, and to also travel with it for added security when using public wi-fi. Most of the time at home, it will be turned on for only a few hours a week for wi-fi acces, since everything at home is wired.

I think laptop is - ok now I understand why it cannot connect to the admin panel, since it isn’t

My tablet wi-fi says “Connected without internet” - it connects to BerylAX admin panel, but not to internet. It’s Android, and I’ll look into what its ip address is.

ETA: Just found out my tablet ip is

So what is going on? Thank you!

The cable is connected via ethernet port to my main router, otherwise the BerylAX would not have any internet access.

Perhaps I am not using the term “Access point” correctly?

These are two different things, you will need to reconfigure the router in each situation accordingly.

Access Point = Using a device just for converting Ethernet to Wi-Fi. In that case, the Beryl would get more or less dumb because the upper network would take care of everything.

But in a hotel you want to use full routing mode instead because you aim to have your own little network - besides the upper one.

To solve this and make everything as convenient as possible, I would go with full routing mode all the time. This creates some other issues (double NAT) but for your purpose it should be totally fine.

For that, you should reset the router (using the Web GUI) and just connect the WAN port to your existing router. Connect your own device by LAN or Wi-Fi and don’t change the WAN port to LAN. Yep, you can only have 1 port then - but it’s the easiest way for non tech savvy persons :wink:

Thanks so much for the reply. Based on what you mention, at home I do want to use the BerylAX for an access point since I won’t travel much.

For now, I found out that my tablet was assigned - connects to BerylAX admin panel, while laptop is (yes, I understand why this doesn’t connect to admin panel now). What did I do to make this happen?

Another question here about the double NAT - I am worried that it would mean 2 routers on my home network - wouldn’t they clash with each other?

I ask this because I used a different device before for wi-fi, and wonder if that device died because it conflicted with my main router…

I guess 192.168.126.x is your upper network?
Since both ports are LAN now, the router will act like a bridge - so connecting by LAN will get you the IP of your upper network; and you can’t access the routers interface then.

Unfortunately, I don’t know by mind how to resolve this because I am going with full-routing mode all the time. Maybe @alzhao can quickly summarize how to use the Beryl as a Wi-Fi repeater but with keeping the LAN ports part of the bridge as well?

Nah, double NAT is just an issue with some special use, like port forwarding or phone calls using SIP. For just connecting your tablet and updating a few apps and something like that, all is OK.

Thank you very much for the help!

You need to change the WAN port back to “WAN” and just use the default router mode with double NAT. Everything will be fine.

If you use the WAN port as LAN, you should never connect cable from it to your upstream router. Only use repeater to connect to the Internet.

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Which port on the BerylAX do I use to connect the cable from my upstream router?

The WAN one. In WAN mode.