BerylAX wifi to Flint2 without using internet

Hi, I’m a total noob with routers and networking so I hope you’ll be forgiving!. I’m just trying to set up a wifi connection between two PC’s such that I can operate something remotely (via Remote Desktop). I keep getting two warnings ‘the interface is connected but the internet can’t be accessed’ - not surprising as I don’t want an internet connection but can I get rid of the message. And ‘LAN subnet is in conflict with the WAN subnet’ Please change LAN subnet address. I’m running Win 10 at the Flint 2 end and Windows 11 pro at the Beryl AX end. The BerylAX is to be at the remote end, maybe 30 metres away. Is there something I need to do with IP addresses or how do I change the subnet to cure the conflict? I’m sure there must be an easy solution, I just don’t know enough to fix it! Grateful for any help :slight_smile: