Best Cellular GL.iNET router for fast speeds?

I use a lot of Internet.

Portable MiFis are not fast enough and often will be too slow.

I am willing to pay for two cell phone data plans, but I would like double the speed, not just better network coverage. I do not care about using a lot of data, I just want something faster.

Does Gl.iNET have anything that takes 2 SIM cards at once, and draws from both to increase speed, while using a VPN? Does GL.iNET have anything like that with a battery, or would I need to use a generator?

I have seen there’s a GL-XE3000, but I don’t know if I can use 2 SIMs for increased speed while using Wireguard and how that would work.

It can’t increase bandwidth when using 2 SIM cards.
The X3000’s limit speed can reach more than 1G, Usually that should be enough.

When I have used portable 5G MiFis with good cell connection in 5G area and then connected to ConvexaB and used Wireguard, I am getting 100 Mbs for download only. It is too slow for me to give up all wired connection.

Would X3000 with Wireguard be a higher speed than regular 5G linked to ConvexaB with Wireguard?

It could up to 300Mbs with Wireguard.