Best device for additional AP


I have a GL-MT6000 Flint 2, and it turns out that due to the layout of my property, I will likely need to set up a second device to cover the last 20%.

I can get OK in most the property but in the bedroom speed drops to about 20mbps.

I have ethernet runs from the place where the router is to each of the bedrooms, so I can just set up a standard router in AP mode, but ideally would like to set up something like ‘802.11r’, so I can walk around the house without Wi-Fi calls dropping.

I previously did this with a google Wi-Fi mesh solution, but was hoping to use the Flint 2 for this.

So ideally, I’m looking for advice on what would be the best device to pair with the Flint 2. The device would only have to service the bedroom and the attached toilet. Ideally it would take up less space than the Flint 2.

Also advice or gotchas on how to configure 802.11r/fast transition, etc, on a GL.inet device would be great.


This highly depends on the firmware of the Flint 2 because in order to have 802.11r work you need either wpad-openssl or hostapd-openssl which is more the full version which then exposes these options inside luci.

Currently you have 3 choices, 4.5.6 with a snapshot of 23.05 from OpenWrt, 4.5.7 which uses a older version of OpenWrt under the mediatek sdk framework (it uses wifi propetairy drivers) this one is stable for wireless but has alot of inconpatibilities for luci and the packages are probably not there, or a snapshot from OpenWrt themselves.

I like to watch marcfifty heres one video with guiding to use roaming :+1:

as for device its hard to suggest a proper device, especially if that is for wifi 6, perhaps a cudy x6 with OpenWrt would fullfill it?, a while ago i had my eyes on the deco series but i dont know if they are supported in the table of hardware from OpenWrt, i can see you might want something small but still good.

For other routers being non OpenWrt you probably go to a much higher budget and i don’t know really which i can advise there.