Best modem for GL-X750v2 (or GL-X750)

I am looking to upgrade to GL-X750v2 to get faster speeds. Perhaps with a modem that can run on multiple bands at once? What’s the best modem for GL-X750v2? Would something like Sierra MC7455 work?

I suggest you stay with one of the compatible Quectel modems that are supported by GL.iNet (e.g., EP06 CAT6 with aggregation).

Which modem do you currently have and what speeds do you get? Slow speeds may be due to the wireless carrier and signal strength to a distant cell tower.

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I think EP06 fit X750 the best.

Before we tested MC7455 and the speed is compatible to X750.

X750 cannot support higher grade modems because it only has USB2.0 and CPU power is limited.

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Thanks for the answers. Do you mean the wifi module is at USB 2.0? What about X750v2?

The LTE modem is connected via USB2.0.

Same for X750V2

I see. So it’s a PCIe to USB adapter. Very unfortunate. Looks liks buying GL-X750v2 is not worth the trouble

USB 2.0 actually has 480Mbps max speed. So I don’t get why it would be a limitation?

That is in theory. Pls note USB2.0 on an embeded device or X86 process are quite different.

Why would I buy X750V2 then? :slight_smile: I just need a reason.

You can check the 4G routers here. Basically you need to choose based on:

  1. Size
  2. Battery or not
  3. Count of Ethernet ports

Then you will be narrowed down to one model.

That’s not the question. I love the form factor of X750, the count of ethernet ports.In fact I am using it as my Toyota’s internet router for trips (powering it from the car’s battery). What I am not loving is the speed in areas with good signal (I don’t think I ever saw >20Mbps while my Pixel does >100Mbps). Probably due to lack of band aggregration. I am wondering if upgrading to X750v2 would yield any improvements.

I see. Maybe need to choose EP06 modem which can achieve much higher speed.