Best multi GL-MT6000 AP setup?

I just purchased two GL-MT6000's. I have one setup as the primary router and one as an extension for wifi. My question is... what is the best way to set that up? I have ethernet running between the two and currently just have the second one setup in AP mode and using the same SSIDs.

Your mentioned way is the best way.
Could the phone roam around 2 MT6000, let's say auto-connect when you move from a room (primary MT6000) to the other room (second MT6000)?

Not sure I understand your question.

My question is really: is there anything (802.11r, 802.11k, 802.11v, etc.) that would enhance such a setup (and if so how to setup.) So that devices don't "get stuck" on any one AP or lose connection when jumping between them.

It do support the 802.11 k, v, r feature, find it in the Luci GUI

Aren't there a number of packages that must be installed for those to show up?

Is this kind of setup rare enough that there isn't a simple UX to enable such things? At least a single document on the topic?

There are features that comes with Luci: GL GUI -> SYSTEM -> Advanced Setting -> Luci -> Network -> Wireless -> WLAN 0/1 -> Edit -> WLAN roaming.

BTW, please upgrade the firmware of MT6000 to OpenWrt 24 , since the open-source driver of wlan is able to supports KVR

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